Welcome to the LidSpotter, a free service from the Lids_CW club.

The app receives spots from online sources – Reverse Beacon Network, Sotawatch and DX Clusters, and posts these ‘spots’ to messaging apps – currently Twitter and Telegram.

To follow the streams, just subscribe to the feeds as linked below.




These streams of ‘Spots’ enable members to see when each other are “on the air”, and try to help make contact with each other. The streams are one-way, meaning likes, follows or mentions are not seen by the app (in other words, LidSpotter is a read-only resource).

Privacy policy:

Lidspotter does not store any personal data apart from the name users signed up to the Lids_CW club with. That data is only used to match with a callsign collected from the above mentioned public resources in order to personalise the spot, and will not be otherwise shared. No data is collected from third parties, or retrieved from the streaming services (currently Twitter and Telegram).

To comply with Twitter’s automation rules, the LidSpotter is now unable to alert you to your spots by @mentioning your twitter handle; if this is a facility you require, we recommend the telegram feed, as the client has built in, customisable notifications.


Any data we hold is visible on the members page at

Any member has opted in to the LidSpotter service by joining the club; if you’d like to opt out, just tweet @lids_cw saying so and your spots will be suspended at the next update.