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Below we'd like to create a list of tools, websites and operating aids that can help support you in your endeavours to get on the air and active on the key.

If you have an operating aid that helps you get active on CW then please share it with us so we can add it here. Email us at admin@lidscw.org or leave a comment below.

PA4N's CW Club RBN Spotter

Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) is an amazing idea and a great tool for CW and PSK users but the filters available to you are somewhat limited on the main RBN site. With this in mind and my desire to find QRS stations or FISTS operators to help me have some great on air experiences I discovered this handy web interface to RBN data that allows you to filter the results using such things as Speed and CW Club.

Using the filters you can view all the recently active stations calling at, say, less than 20wpm, on the specific bands you are able to operate on and order the results by age or speed or any of a number of options. This is a great tool for finding QRS stations calling CQ on a band you're set up to operate on.

Originally made by Frank, PA4N, the RBN Band Map site is now hosted by Fabian, DJ1YFK at http://rbn.telegraphy.de/

Our thanks to Fabien (DJ1YFK) for adding lidscw :o)

PA4N Filter options
PA4N's CW Club RBN Spotter

The numerous filter options available using PA4N's tool

Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)

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