Hereford Morse Boot Camp

Rich (G4FAD) and Chris (G0JPS) wrote to tell us:

A Morse Bootcamp is being held in the Herefordshire Amateur Radio Society’s clubhouse near Leominster in North Herefordshire on the 4th of May, loosely under the club’s umbrella.

We aim to run 3 different groups of sending and receiving between 8 wpm to 20 plus words a minute. We will be demonstrating different keys how to adjust and send with them and how to improve head copy and to generally have a good Morse day.
We want it to be fun as well.

Rich (G4FAD) is joined by Andy (G0IBN) who has run several very successful Bootcamps in the East of the country. Sandy (G0VQW) and Bob (G3IXZ).

It will cost £10 for the day; tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided but please bring a packed lunch. Please contact Rich via email (see his page) if you want to join the event or simply want more information.

Location: Herefordshire Amateur Radio Society’s clubhouse near Leominster in North Herefordshire.
Date: 04-May-2019
Time: 08:30 to 16:30 (local)

…as a side note, I’m just sat here listening to some wonderful CW being sent on a bug (I assume as the Op has just reported his weight coming loose and his CW slowing down). It was Sandy, G0VQW who will be helping to run the event. Judging by his sending you should be in for some good training and CW.

Michael (G0POT)

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